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Quality and Efficacy based products

    We have 20++ years of extensive experience in the field of research and manufacturing in Pharmaceutical products. As we have very strong technical background, we have a wide range of unique product portfolio comprised;

  • Immediate release pellets

  • Sustained release pellets

  • Delayed release pellets 

  • Immediate release directly compressible granules

  • Modified release directly compressible granules

  • Taste Masked granules

  • Powders, granules and Liquids for veterinary

   Our product port folio comprised general therapeutic medicines, potent drug products and nutraceutical segments. Our products meets international standard in terms of product quality and efficacy. We are currently manufacturing for many global Indian clients and exporting to many countries worldwide. 


Pellets and Direct Compressible Granules

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Pellets, Granules, Capsules and Tablets 


Liquids, Granules, Powders and Liquids 

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